Imagination and Creativity Increases Success in Life

Picktown Art Works was founded on the belief that all individuals should have access to art. Access to quality educationally based art classes taught by licensed and certified art instructors along with successful working artists. We believe that art is more than just putting pencil to paper or paint to canvas. Art is the foundation where dreams not only become reality but where creativity and innovation come to life.

Founded by Artists and Art Educators

We believe that art can be learned by anyone and that with the right instructor you can learn new skills and gain confidence in your artistic abilities. Picktown Art Works instructors are highly qualified as either Licensed and Certified Art Teachers or actual and successful working artists in their fields. Our instructors are passionate about art and teaching others. Our instructors are more than just employees they are professionals that are passionate about sharing and empowering others in art. This alone sets Picktown Art Works apart from other organizations that provide art-related activities for an entertainment value only.

two comic book artists working on their artwork

Where Community and Creativity Come Together

Our mission is simple. Every day we work to create a space where our local communities and their abilities to be creative come together. Through our art programming, we are continuously working to provide unique, educational and enjoyable opportunities for everyone to enjoy art. From classic art to on-trend craft forms we are always looking for new ways to introduce and connect the arts to you.