Desirae DeBellis
  • Desirae DeBellis

    Desirae DeBellis

    It is obvious to anyone that meets me — I’m pretty passionate about clay. But trust me that’s not all I love.

    Art in any form is, in my opinion, just wonderful! I like to dabble in all forms when I’m able. I feel truly blessed to be fortunate enough to be surrounded by art and artists on a daily basis. I feel art fills my soul with happiness and makes my job not a job at all, but a exciting and wonderful place to spend my time.

    My second favorite thing is connecting with other people. I’m a talker :), maybe a bit too much — but also a good listener too. I feel good when I can help out others and best of all when I can do a bit of art along the way.

    I hope you will take a class or two with me as your instructor and we can have a chat, a laugh, and a bit of fun along the way.