Dru Woodward
  • Dru Woodward

    Dru Woodward

    It is a great honor and privilege to serve you and offer my services as a
    Duncan Ambassador. I am a die hard ceramic enthusiast that loves creating unique designs.

    I’ve been teaching all types of fired art for over 20 years-from 2 year olds to seniors citizens.

    As a Duncan Ambassador, a technically trained professional ceramics instructor,

    iLoveToCreate®….do you?

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    Interested in learning more about Duncan Ceramic Art Products or Duncan University courses? Let me help you!

    I am located and teach in the central Florida area, and often travel to areas around Ohio to teach too.

    “Creativity is intelligence having FUN”-Albert Einstein

All Classes This Month

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Date Time Duration Classes Teacher Price Booking
23 Jul - 23 Jul
01 week Ladybugs & More Plate - Duncan Class Dru Woodward $ 45 Book now
23 Jul - 23 Jul
01 week Mandala Dot Plate - Duncan Class Dru Woodward $ 59 Book now